LEAVE NO TRACE...10.02.18

I’m not posting a picture today, I think it’ll distract from getting my point out today. There has been a movement within the photography world called “Leave No Trace”, I first heard of it from a podcast that I listen to called "F-Stop Collaborate and listen" hosted by Matt Payne an outstanding photographer whose work I admire & draw inspiration from. He interviews many of the iconic landscape photographers & how they work their vision to capture that shot.

In a nutshell, Leave no trace, has been adopted by many photographers it entails not revealing the location of their images for this reason. Many of the popular photographers who post their work on social media & on their website have many other photographers inquiring about where this location is. In the past, they did share their "secret" spots but they've been noticing that more & more photographers visit that same location & trash the aina. They trample the greenery, move rocks, & the vandals that tag the location. I'm sure you've heard of these idiots in the news defacing the beautiful landscapes to get their shot. With social media, these secret spots get popular by the minute.  

In Hawaii, there are a few "secret spots". Once a photographer posts his image, it gets viral locally very fast & it's not a secret anymore. However it's not only the locations, but it's also respecting the aina, I've done this myself in the past where a small branch of a tree is in my frame & I've broken it off, just to get my shot. Nowadays I'll remove it in Photoshop or find another composition. In my eyes it’s just wrong to pull out a plant or break off a branch just to satisify your vision. It takes decades for a tree to grow & it takes 5 seconds to deface what nature has given us. Who are we to play “God”?!?!  

Moving forward, for the most part, I'll put up the location on my blog but it'll be a general area of where I am. In the past 5 years, I've taken the time to explore the landscape as to where I can possibly shoot from. There are locations where it is not accessible at certain tides. Do your homework & go out to explore not only physically going out to a potential spot but Google maps reveal many things on our shoreline. Find out if it is accessible to the public, if not get permission from the landowner to shoot from there. These are my own opinions & I hope I haven’t pissed off too many people’s, if I did block me.

Aloha a hui hou my friends! 
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