No picture today just my thoughts...

My photography gear is about to hit another another crossroad on this journey to hopefully help me become a better photographer & artist. I've been eyeing out the new Fuji XPRO2 & have made the decision to, NOT "jump ship" but to purchase this camera to expand my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Sony A7S II, paired with the E-Mount Zeiss Batis lineup, I'm very satisfied. I am not planning to sell any of my Sony gear, well maybe a couple of lens that I don't use, but that's all.  I love, love my primes now, funny since I've alway been a "zoom" guy!

On Sunday 05.22.16, I picked up my Fuji XPRO2 body & a lens, from my friend Tony's shop in Aiea, Pro Camera Hawaii. I was seduced by the XPRO2 Acros film simulation, I'm now shooting more & more black & white fine art images. The film simulation together with the amazing jpeg quality images coming out of that camera, it was the logical path to follow...I think, & I had to give it a shot?! There are several reasons why I made this decision, the XPRO2 body is fully weather resistant along with certain lens that are also weather resistant. I'm always near water in one form or another shooting sunrise seascapes. It has a dual SD memory card slots, something that is lacking in Sony's A7 line. I'm looking forward to giving it a run at sunrise but also very excited in trying to do some model shoots focusing on more black & white conversions. One drawback is that there's no flip up screen, something I could overlook for now.

I also did a test with all my Youngnuo YN 560 IV flashes & 560TX controller & I'm happy to say they are fully compatible! 

On a side note, I've been a Sony shooter for a little over a year now starting out with the A7S I & 1 of the main reasons why I jumped ship from Nikon to Sony was the smaller form factor & weight. With the 2nd rev of the A7 series there was a noticeable bump in size for the body, at least for me. It took about 2-3 months before I was comfortable with the bigger hand grip on the A7S II, which now fits like a glove in my hands. I've been noticing that with the G Master series of lens coming out, the overall size of the Sony A7 series of bodies & high end lens is getting bigger & heavier. I moved away from Nikon to get away from the "bulk", but Sony seems at least in my opinion, to be evolving into the very thing I ran away from. As I said earlier I do love my Sony system & not planning on jumping ship to least not for now. 

I've also started to print some of my "best" work on a  beautiful fine art paper I found. A selected handful of my images will be available for purchase as signed limited editions, if you're interested please contact me through email for pricing.  

It's ALOHA FRIDAY, have a great & safe long 3 day Memorial Day weekend!!! I'm planning on doing a lot of shooting this weekend, 3 sunrises, a photowalk thru Chinatown, possibly a hike with some old friends & Hawaii's Annual Floating Lantern Ceremony at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Stay with me as I explore this amazing camera, XPRO2 from Fuji, I'll be posting new images from next week, starting on 05.31.16, using the XPRO2.  Would love to hear your feedback...Aloha, Ryan Sakamoto