No picture today just wanted to share my thoughts...03.10.16
I get this a lot, HOW MUCH for that print?!  HOW MUCH for a  photo session?!
 It's only a picture, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes!

This is what I tell them, what I had to go through to produce a single image...

This is my cost for the materials that's part of my photography, I like to call it an investment in my art & myself...

  • -Camera body $3k+
  • -Lens $6-$8k (accumulated over the years)
  • -Editing software $120 annually
  • -Editing software plugins $300. Annually (aprox cost)
  • -computer $3k
  • -computer monitor $1k
  • -monitor calibrator $200.
  • -Wacom tablet $300.
  • -repair cost for damaged gear. 
  • -cost of maintaining my website. 
  • -cost of paying for exclusive online classes to continue to grow as a photographer. 
  • -cost of hands on workshops. 
  • *Not listed, flashes, LED lights, light modifiers (softboxes), light stands, ND filters, tripod, camera bags & accessories.  
  • -planning when & where to shoot, locally, outer island or mainland. 
  • -getting up at 4am to load my gear & driving to the location to shoot sunrise. 
  • -taking chances on getting my gear wet from salt water splashes & rain when shooting my seascapes for sunrise or bad weather.  
  • -My time waiting on location for the sunrise or a client. 
  • -Time spent on editing 
  • -Time spent searching the web for new inspiration.
  • -Time spent researching new gear & techniques. 

So if someone says it just a picture, it shouldn't take you that long?  HOW MUCH for that print?! HOW MUCH for the photo session?!! Please be reminded of this post & please share this with everyone who has no idea as to what I put into each & everyone of my images that I edit & share...Aloha, Ryan