I am a self taught advanced amateur fine art photographer, I've always been drawn to the sea, there's something about her thats always calls to me. A majority of my work is based around the ocean whether shooting seascapes or personal projects . Whenever I'm standing on the shoreline, I feel a sense of peace as I listen the heartbeat of the ocean as each wave wash up onto the shore, it calms my soul. I try to recreate that feeling in my seascape imagery. Lately I've been using ND filters to slow down the movement of the water & sky, trying to capture not only a single still moment, but to capture a short glimpse of time in a long 1-4 minute exposure.

I also love shooting environmental portraiture, I guess you can call it a hobby to my hobby of shooting seascapes. 

My camera, the choice of lens, tripod & the ND filters...are tools that I use to help me to paint my vision onto a canvas. Nikon, Canon, Sony...brand names doesn't matter, it won't help me to become a better photographer, they're just tools. Use the tools that works for you to see & create your own stylized vision...Aloha, Ryan